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Hype and Ecolotrans join forces to accelerate the transition of logistics transport to hydrogen

  • Ecolotrans integrates hydrogen into its fleet, supported by Hype.
  • Hype and Ecolotrans pool resources to co-develop logistics platforms with green hydrogen stations,
    open to all.
  • Hype and Ecolorent (a subsidiary of Ecolotrans) put together know-how to co-develop a complete
    hydrogen mobility offer for logistics professionals, integrating vehicles, distribution and maintenance.

Two entrepreneurs, Hype, a pioneer in hydrogen mobility launched by Mathieu Gardies in 2015, and Ecolotrans, a forerunner in ecological urban logistics, launched by Yacine Kara in 2005, are joining forces to accelerate the
transition of logistics fleets to zero-emission mobility with use of hydrogen, in Paris and in several other French
cities.This partnership represents a new step for Hype and Ecolotrans in achieving their objectives: the drastic
reduction of air and noise pollution in cities and acceleration of the decarbonisation of professional fleets
providing goods transport services, still mainly comprising combustion engine vehicles, often diesel.
Within the framework of this partnership, Hype is committed to facilitating the integration of the hydrogen
solution within the Ecolotrans fleet and supporting the rapid deployment of Ecolorent, its ecomobility service
offer for last-mile logistics professionals. In concrete terms, this partnership includes:

  • Integrating the needs of logistics users in the selection criteria for the sites hosting hydrogen stations of
    the Hype network, while providing access for the vehicle fleets of Ecolotrans and Ecolorent with
    preferential conditions;
  • Pooling the resources of Hype, Ecolotrans and Ecolorent – expertise, suppliers, partners, deployment
    capacities or mobilisation of uses and operations (O&M) – to co-develop new logistics platforms
    including hydrogen stations;
  • Leveraging Hype’s hydrogen know-how and the experience acquired by Ecolotrans and Ecolorent in the
    field of management and rental of ecological utility vehicles to build a common offer of complete and
    integrated hydrogen solutions for last-mile logistics professionals. This offer includes: hydrogenpowered commercial vehicles, maintenance and access to the Hype network of green hydrogen stations;
  • Pooling the respective needs of Hype, Ecolotrans and Ecolorent to fast-track the scaling up of a French
    offer of hydrogen-powered light commercial vehicles, by securing an increase in volumes to accelerate
    cost-reduction and by working together on all aspects of the value chain of these vehicles. The objective
    is to meet not only the needs of goods transport but also those of passenger transport (taxis and
    transport of people with reduced mobility) on a “minivan-type” vehicle.

This partnership is a continuation of the H24byHype project, which was submitted to ADEME in September 2021
as part of the “Hydrogen Territorial Ecosystems” call for projects, the results of which will be announced in early
2022. The H24byHype project aims to create the first hydrogen mobility ecosystem on an industrial scale for the
Paris region between 2022 and 2024, in connection with the Paris Olympics and Paralympic Games, while
facilitating and accelerating the most promising uses of hydrogen mobility such as taxis, light and heavy
commercial vehicles and service vehicles such as refuse-collection trucks.

Finally, Hype, Ecolotrans and Akuo, supported by Banque des Territoires, are announcing the launch of the ”Club
H24 Pour Paris”, whose objective is to identify and promote concrete, short-term entrepreneurial and citizen
initiatives to improve air and noise quality in the Paris region between now and the 2024 Olympic Games.
‘’We are delighted with this partnership with Ecolotrans, which represents another step towards accelerating
Hype’s expansion in the Paris region between now and the 2024 Olympic Games and in other regions in France
and abroad. With this operation, Hype confirms its ambitious development strategy: to operate directly, in the
first immediately relevant market, the largest fleet of hydrogen taxis in the world, while developing partnerships
enabling it to pool its distribution infrastructures in order to meet the needs of professional urban and interurban
fleets and accelerate the transition to hydrogen for a multiplicity of uses: heavy goods vehicles, last-mile logistics
or public services such as waste collection.” said Mathieu Gardies, President of Hype.

‘’We are very pleased to enter into this partnership with Hype. Ecolotrans had already initiated changes in 2005
by delivering electric and NGV (Natural Gas Vehicles) vehicles. This partnership marks a new step towards the
massive deployment of a complementary solution: hydrogen. It will allow Ecolotrans to expand its operational
capabilities, offer transport solutions for larger tonnages and deploy a more extensive network throughout the
country. Thanks to Hype’s expertise, Ecolorent will provide all the players in the logistics world with solutions
adapted to their needs.” added Yacine KARA, President, Ecolotrans.

Project Partners

Clean Hydrogen Partnership EU

This project has received funding from the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen 2 Joint Undertaking (now Clean Hydrogen Partnership) under Grant Agreement No 779538. This Joint Undertaking receives support from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme, Hydrogen Europe and Hydrogen Europe Research.